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LG Innotek its LED production base in a large area to install LED lighting
〖 2011-08-02 | Click 8801 〗

Source: China's semiconductor lighting network Published: August 2, 2011
LG Innotek Paju, South Korea in its LED production base of more than 10,000 lights installed LED lamps. Based in South Korea's LG Innotek, a company dedicated to the LED display and lighting vertically integrated manufacturer, recently announced that it has built in Paju, a single LED of the world's largest manufacturing base, manufacturing base covers the LED epitaxial film growth from the LED to the LED module manufacturing all aspects of production.

In related news, also reported the LED lighting has been installed in Seoul, South Korea, the headquarters of LG Electronics - LG twin towers, both buildings are expected to design the lighting system will save 1717 MWh per year of electricity. However, before closing out the draft, no further details on the project report.

Paju-based production facilities

LG Innotek comprehensive base in Paju was started in July 2010 put into use, the base includes production facilities, administrative buildings and related infrastructure, with a total area of ​​approximately 18.2 million square meters, equivalent to 26 football fields . Put to use in its first year, a total savings of the LED production base of 17.3 million kilowatts of electricity, roughly equivalent to the traditional fluorescent lighting electricity consumption by 20%.

The company estimates that, according to produce 173,000 kilowatts of energy need to release 317 tons of carbon dioxide, and a pine tree and one can calculate the carbon dioxide absorbed by 5 kg, the production base in the first year energy savings in the area planted with 63,000 pine comparable results.

Paju installation of the LED by using a variety of LG Innotek developed high-efficiency LED lighting modules, including modules ModulA flat panel lighting and indirect lighting reflector module ReflectA. The LED production base in the target output is 1.8 billion per month LED units, the building is a three-tier production area of ​​58,000 square meters of comprehensive workshop, with 6 inch wafer production line, LED chip production line and backlight units for LCD TVs production line of LED modules and LED modules for lighting production lines. The company expects its first year of operation will provide 2,000 jobs, while the total is about 4000 jobs.

LG Innotek an official said, "LED lighting is the best available lighting, solar lighting because it is similar, but not UV emission, and can be used for a long time. In addition, it can change according to different lighting conditions color, "he added," the expensive price, this is considered a wide range of LED lighting applications, the biggest obstacle, as the core technology development and capacity expansion is quickly resolved. "

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