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Toshiba Lighting has the power to protect public function LED ceiling
〖 2011-08-04 | Click 7027 〗

Source: OFweek Published: August 4, 2011

Japan's Toshiba Group in light bulbs and lighting equipment manufacturing and sales of Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation has listed the LED lights "E-CORE" series of new products. New ceiling built-in LED market auxiliary LED lights, can rely on battery power automatically when the light, an industry first. Directly mounted on the ceiling to keep the ceiling on the slim design, while increasing the functionality without worrying about power outages.

Once the detection of power failure, auxiliary LED light will automatically turn on, the LED lights in the initial state, the height of 2m straight down when the illumination 5Lx (lux). After charging the battery 7 hours, lighting time can reach more than 30 minutes. In the course of normal use lighting for charging, green LED charging light will turn on, lights off after charging. When you need to exchange the battery, the green LED flashes to prompt.

Even off the wall switch, or cut off the power circuit breaker can also open the auxiliary LED lights through the battery. Therefore, in order to the wall switch is on when the lights turned off, in addition to the ordinary remote control, but also comes with a wall switch installed in the vicinity of standing with a remote control button. When the wall switch is off, turn off the remote control through the auxiliary LED lights.

For 8 tatami (about 1.3 square meters) the size of the room, lighting brightness (luminous flux) is 3660Lm (lumens), energy consumption usually is 61W, while charging for the 62W. Brightness can be adjusted between 1 to 100%, while also using a combination of 21 kinds of colors of light to adjust the light color. LED light source life of 40,000 hours. Currently, energy-saving awareness and action to the popularity of LED lighting has made some progress in the face of this situation, the company aims to increase power auxiliary LED lighting product added value and achieve differentiation. Planned annual sales of 20,000.

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